Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Barrel Racing Hackamores Do You Think Barrel Racing Is Abusive?

Do you think barrel racing is abusive? - barrel racing hackamores

A lady from PETA came to my local barrel racing, shes been signs put us is unfair.

Moving to Nevada in Las Vegas. PETA once again told me this man burn in hell, my horse does.

I use a whip or a crop, when I returned the 3rd Run. I trained, drums, and my horses wear protective clothing against their competitors. I do not use the bits on my horse shut up, be strong, I use a HACKAMORE

Ur guys was woundering option.


texasnas... said...

You know, maybe. With the wrong person, and provide training to the wrong person. I saw horses running barrels and unhappy if the owner did not know, then they should go home and feed them before they ever! So, in my humble opinion, these horses who turn tail when they run for me an abuse and very terrible to see. Yes, there are people around me who do this. You can not understand for the life of me!
Violence is a fine line of what a person thinks of the next.

People are PETA fans anyway, so I'd say the guy to go jump in a lake full of crocodiles!

But in most cases, do not abuse our barrel horses, Give me a fucking break! On second thought, send this guy my way and I take care of him! geeze

Danielle B said...

Every sport can be regarded as improper riding - all disciplines can people beat the horse to death, have to be faster, jump higher or the movement for dressage.

They're just a sport - barrel racing, which I not see my local competitions run the horses over a fence and several times so afraid that the book to beat the horse to spores and cultures. In general, drivers were disqualified and another potential weapon to improve how they treat their horses.

In a sense, the long can, barrel racing unjust, because they care about problems in the leg before the horse. Dressage (I drive) can be unfair, because it leads to problems in the joints considered before loading.

I would not worry, it sounds like he is "less violent." There will always be people who believe that something is wrong or another. I hate two dogs outside (with the in them, have heated water bowls, kennel large, have long hair for the winter, gand run a lot, etc.) and someone called to say they abuse our dogs, human society has come to review the claim and happy aboard the big dogs. Apparently, people all the time are mentioned in the kennel outside, and I think that is abuse, just because they are outside.

I had a self-appointed member of Peta for me and that he abusing my horse, because horses must be free and wild, not to focus. I have a connection with a net-French saddle horses should not be enough. My horse is sweating (we were at a distance of 5 pm traveling, I was sweating, lol, but he would not say that I) abuse. My horse loves me and I'll do what I want, I do when she gets tired of the day, it will continue until she nearly died when I leave it to me 's please. I do not know what abuse.

bill j said...

My daughter barrel races for years with CGA, the horses have never been abused, had a running play drums on their own role ..... I thought that PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals "...

mama_mee... said...

I do not think sometimes people want to b @ # $ @ and the Board things.barrel race was not an abuse at all.

RMR278 said...

I saw several barrel races over the years, and I must say that I think is a bit unfair. What I mean is that some drivers are very good drivers, but some are open with the whip, from beginning to end. I have to also realize, when the horses are waiting to go again, jumping prancy and nervous for me, like a horse that is not a well-trained horse. if the horse is nervous and will not stop as some of my horses (in the past, does not stop for the assembly) is not totally submissive horse.

no horse is perfect, but I realize it is normal for a horse, catapult? Calm horse can run to the Law on the horn and have my best ever super high blood pressure? if the horse goes better and that the whip really help or distract?

if you are not a whip on the back of the person of his rare. Tho, I think it's a bit unfair that I can not imagine riding is not necessarily a time without a certain discomfort at times anyway.

People Petatheir Priot mixed. are so busy, horrible, they do not see the forest for the trees. they think with their emotions and not logic and wisdom.

That's why I see nothing wrong with holding the people, animals or abuse to save the animals to save them from abuse, I mean to leave the laboratory animals from their cages? a large number of animals, the drug to relieve, the pain of trial and now have received no drugs, but the pain is still there, or who are infected, or whatever, or need a special diet for the "breeding for certain types of research.

or let a herd of horses from slaughter loose (and half Straver or low), on a highway and is hit by trucks. Which method of madness is this?

It never ceases to amaze me how to get out of his mouth, that they developed from monkeys and thus the animals, then say the second breath, we should be about the animals and dealing with them moral, as we are here alien.

I mean, what we are part of nature or not, No.? You can not have both.


mathaown... said...

No - unless it is harmful to the horses. Note that these people do not know, a couple of horses and riding, I want to see them.

PETA does not alter animals to help. They say they love to help, but are not. They are themselves and their profits to the animal.

I was told that all 120 pounds of torture for me to sit in the back of my "poor" Percheron £ 1700th No saddle, no bridle, no spurs or plants. And somehow this is bad? What a load of bull.

cnsdubie said...

No, I do not think barrel racing is abusive.

Some ok (many if not most) PETA fanatics think that a horse is simply unfair. They then consider the source.

Do I think there is driver abuse? Of course, like any other discipline. So I think that the aggressive competition and training is disgusting to do it very difficult in a young horse with a common open capsules. That abuse the definition of some people.

Strive for Perfection said...

Some are willing to boo when they see someone who is just like an animal patient barrel racing bike only misuse or possession of horses in general, while you treat your horse right that most people seriously what he shows. Even if you use a crop or spurs abuse can not be guaranteed if they are properly used.

Ignore people who say that you have abused your horse while you know that you are treated well. If you have already defeated the effort to beat his horse lightly with a hand or a rope at the main rope (or press, as you prefer) to show that it does not hurt. I had my sister has me in the head with a harvest of a friend who is not cruel to show a horse to give him a slap.

Chappy said...

PETA ... pepole eating tasty animals

anna84 said...

I do not think that's unfair, but I personally do not like it. I prefer riding a horse and put the natural environment.

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